Memester – Breakthrough App Gets You Huge Traffic

Memester is a desktop based software made for Facebook and YouTube with features you’ve never seen before. It helps you create awesome viral videos and animated Gifs that attract viewer attention and explode fanpage reach.

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You can pick any video source and turn it into a viral video. Including video from your computer, or even videos from YouTube. Video Memes work like magic and all you need to do to turn a boring video into a Meme is put a catch line on it.

There are a lot of software to help you create videos in the market, but nothing that automatically post those videos on social media platforms. This super powerful software, “Memester” does exactly that.

Memester is a new software that will automate everything for you. It will help you to

Find videos online to make memes out of from YouTube.
Turn any video (including your own) into a meme by putting up the titles on it.
Customize everything, including font, style and colors.
Put your own custom overlays and graphics on the video.
Syndicate your video in native format to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Memester automates all of it and makes it easy and simple. Now you can get more traffic, more customers, more attention and social media profiles that grow faster. It is extremely easy and extremely powerful to use.


Cinch Tweet – Worlds Most Powerful Twitter Tool

Cinch Tweet is a software that’s going to help you to automatically follow other Twitter users, engage with their content, auto unfollow users that don’t follow back and much more.

What this does when done right is it allows you to grow a larger following on Twitter of people that have an interest in the same niche as you are selling in. This can not only help you to generate a larger list but it can lead to more sales.

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Not only that but Cinch Tweet helps you to find and post content for your Twitter page. You can also choose where that content comes from. For instance, it could come from Users, Locations, Hashtags, Keywords etc.

Imagine you create an account. You define who you want to target. The type of content you need. Cinch Tweet then enables it’s powerful AI that goes to work for you to find the best followers, retweet the most targeted content and send a flood of traffic to your site.

Here are some of the features of Cinch Tweet.

Smart, AI sorted follow suggested.
Custom date audiences. Always build the freshest audiences.
Create powerful call to action tweets in seconds.
Set language filters.
Engaging content detection system. Auto-detect videos/images.
Conversation starters. Build relationships with ease.
Powerful tools to help you increase engagement.
Send personalized message to your prospects.
Automate your Twitter, grow the engagement and profit.

Cinch Tweet is about the most powerful Twitter tool in the world. It can drive traffic, leads, sales, and help you build your following automatically. It is not just a bot. It’s a powerful, robust piece of technology that acts like a real person sitting at your computer running your Twitter account.

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Express Water RO5DX – The Ultimate RO Water Filter System

With Express Water RO5DX 5 Stage Osmosis Systems, you will be finally getting limitless, fresh, great tasting, purified drinking water at an inexpensive rate. Express Water is your premier manufacturer and supplier of reverse osmosis and purification systems.

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The Express Water Reverse Osmosis are manufactured and developed to fulfill industry requirements with as much as 99 percent removal of contaminants that are found in your water today.

The easy-to-install Express Water RO5DX 5 Stage Osmosis Systems removes the impurities, solids, chemicals, and contaminants discovered in Tap and well waters.

Specifications And Features of Express Water RO5DX 5 Stage Osmosis Systems

It promotes water intake, lowers costs and eliminates the hassle of getting rid of and carrying of big water containers.

Genuine reverse osmosis filtration removes almost all impurities consisting of arsenic, chlorine, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, germs, virus, pharmaceuticals and a 1000+ pollutants. It has deluxe kitchen sink faucet for elegant delivery of purified water right in your home.

The Express Water RO5DX incredible capability lasting filters that is utilized to deal with tap and well water notably last two times as long compared with others at half the cost. The high quality quick link fittings replace threaded or flanged connections which require wrenches.

It guarantees sturdy, trouble free and noise-free system for long-term, reliable pure drinking water. All parts included are 100% lead-free, plus NSF certified storage tank.

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It is likewise an authentic 100% under counter cleanser with 1-Year minimal service warranty to guarantee your complete satisfaction. To get Express Water RO5DX 5 Stage Osmosis Systems, click on the link in the description.

Video Marketing Blaster Pro

Video Marketing Blaster PRO is the ultimate all-in-one Video Marketing Software that will analyze your competitors, spy, research, find new keywords, rank and track the progress of your videos with the help of the new lexical semantic engine of BlasterSuite.

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Here are the main features of Video Marketing Blaster PRO.
Video Marketing Blaster PRO uses it’s own Lexical Semantic engine in order to find long tail keywords and related keywords. Compared to the other tools on the market it will give you 500% more keyword suggestions.
Video Marketing Blaster PRO will analyze and spy on your competition, giving you detailed data about how hard is to rank in a specified niche. The software will consider over 70 ranking factors.
With the click of a button, Video Marketing Blaster PRO will generate you titles, description and tags that will out rank all the competiton. Your descriptions will not be stuffed with keywords, they will contain pharses that contain the targeted keywords.
The days of testing of what works to rank are in the past. Let the tool take care of all the hard work for you. You don’t need to waste time and money on multiple softwares. Video Marketing Blaster PRO does everything you need for a fraction of that cost.

Your competitors won’t stand a chance against you when you have this tool in your arsenal. You will totally dominate any niche. Be it local niche, Ecom, CPA, affiliate marketing, Amazon product, Jvzoo, Clickbank, you name it. Video Marketing Blaster will surely bring you targeted traffic.

Video Marketing Blaster PRO comes with a complete training videos that you need to follow in order to exploit any product launch with review videos. The profit potential of this software is truly incredible and it’s the backdoor strategy you’ve been waiting for to get instant top video rankings.

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Supercharge your YouTube Profits with Channel Authority Builder

Channel Authority Builder is a desktop app that shows statistics to help you boost your YouTube channel subscribers and get more traffic. It helps you know the type of video content to create to drive traffic in your niche.

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Success on YouTube is becoming harder because the competition is becoming really hot, and getting success now involves careful analysis of your competition and content planning. There are a lot of software to help you create videos in the market, but nothing that actually helps you identify what sort of content you need to produce, and how you need to position it to get success.

Channel Authority Builder does exactly that. It will help you build authority on YouTube and get free traffic day after day.

Channel Authority Builder is the only YouTube software that helps you design massive authority channels.
Gets you hundreds of thousands and even millions of views a month.
Brings to you fresh, unexplored content discovery mechanisms.
Helps you create content that is relevant and strategically placed, so it drives organic traffic to your site and builds your authority and more.

Channel Authority Builder has tons of benefits that proves that it is better than any other profit generating YouTube tool that you have in your Internet Marketing toolkit. It runs on your desktop. You don’t need to log into any third-party website and share your accounts or stats.

Channel Authority Builder is designed for hands-free automation. Just set it and forget. It is 100% safe and 100% compliant with YouTube API. It gives you the detail on each action that Channel Authority takes.

So, it’s time to unlock new profit opportunities and grab millions of views with Channel Authority Builder. And save your time and money as it’s going to help you generate more YouTube traffic and profits.

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What You Should Know About WP Freshstart 4.0

WP Freshstart 4.0 is a 1-click plugin that will enable you setup a new Google-friendly wordpress site in just 10 seconds. Setting up a new wordpress site involves a lot of boring, time consuming tasks that take away 30 to 40 minutes each time you create a new site. Imagine setting up 5 sites or 10 sites taking away hours.

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That’s why WP Freshstart 4.0 was created. This plugin automates all the boring tasks and routine jobs for you and now the jobs that took 40 mins can be done in under 60 seconds. Whether it is creating legal pages for your site, setting up SEO and creating sitemaps for your site or installing themes and plugins that you want, all that can now be done in seconds with the plugin.

With WP Freshstart, there is no more wasting time, doing boring tasks over and over again and it powers over 50,000 sites. With just one click, your old bloated, good for nothing site will be turned into a fresh, new wordpress blog that will feel like you just installed a new wordpress on it but without having to re-install WP all over again.

WP Freshstart is perfect for anyone creating Amazon niche sites, Facebook niche sites, Offline/local business sites, Adsense niche sites, Affiliate review sites and even sites for your own products. The sky is the limit. It even gives you a super easy fix to reset any wordpress site to its original state. Getting rid of all the junk in just one click.

WP Freshstart is newbie friendly, fully tested and no tech skills needed. Stop wasting your time doing menial wordpress tasks that can be automated and done in just 1-click. If you have one wordpress site or ten, you definitely need this software.

WP Freshstart 4.0 is clearly the most important plugin to have for your WordPress site. It comes with a step by step walkthrough training videos that show you exactly how to install and use this plugin.

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Instant Funnel Lab – Money-Making sales funnels in 60 seconds

The Instant Funnel Lab is a brand new state of the art cloud based platform that allows you to create complete done for you sales funnels with high quality digital product in under 60 seconds. These sales funnels will include a sales page, the actual product, and a thank you/download page. 

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You can then sell these products for profit or give it away for free so you could build your list. Once the sales funnel has been created, all you have to do is add your PayPal button code or code from platforms such as WarriorPlus, JVzoo or Clickbank and you’ll be able to sell the product and make a profit.

The great thing about the Instant Funnel Lab is that you don’t require any product research, product creation, writing or coding skills. Everything really is done for you with the Instant Funnel Lab. All funnels are hosted for you, or you can download them and host them on your own server.

What if you didn’t have to stress about creating a sales funnel ever again? What if you could click a few buttons on your mouse, and have a stunning sales funnel, complete with a quality product, ready to make you profits in less than 1 minute? The good news is that this is now possible because of updates in modern technology and a brand new cloud-based software tool called Instant Funnel Lab.

With Instant Funnel Lab, you don’t need any special technical skills. You don’t need any design skills or coding skills and there are multiple different funnels and products to choose from. A step by step training is included to make the whole process as easy as possible. 

Instant Funnel Lab is 100% newbie-friendly and hosted in the cloud so there’s nothing for you install. And the products included are in-demand, hot products that people will love to buy. This is a completely ‘done for you’ software solution.

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